Saturday, August 23, 2008

Screenings and DVD to continue with help

Stu Maddux and Trip Harting July 8th, 2008

I've received a great many emails from people wondering about this film now that Trip has passed away.
We will continue as before to get it seen as much as possible. At the time of his illness we had just started with our first screening. The screenings page of the website is updated regularly and we are currently waiting for other festivals to notify us of their decision.

When Trip said goodbye to me he made a point of asking that we continue getting it out there. As an independent film that takes a lot of resources on top of our costs of making the film.

If you know of anyplace that would like a screening, please let me know. I'm more than willing to be there myself to share details of the story.

If you know of organizations or individuals that would be interested in purchasing a DVD, please let me know. We are creating the "extra" materials for that right now as time and resources permit and are hoping for completion in about a month.

If you provide a service and are willing to volunteer just one hour of your time, we would be grateful. You would be surprised at the need for everything from old frequent flyer miles to legal services, web design, rides to the airport, places to stay- it runs the gamut no matter your talent. Someone volunteered to bake cookies once. It helped us raise money for DVD duplication!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Stu,

I was up at the Traverse City in Michigan when Trip was here judging. I am the person who drove him to the hospital (Munson Medical Center) once the medics at the show determined he needed medical attention. I cannot tell you how saddened I am about hearing of his passing. I came to know a small part of him those few days.

I work the Traverse City show each year for Alex and Dean (and Trish of course) and normally work as part of the dressage office doing either scoring or running or whatever they need. I was quick to say I could take Trip to the hospital but just needed to use Alex's car as my vehicle was the hotel. He was in such pain on the drive to the hospital. I felt horrible for him. On the way, he phoned Lois (I need to email her as well).

I waited about three hours in the waiting room as Trip was taken for testing. I than asked to see him and spent about 45 minutes to an hour in his emergency room as he waited to drink some liquid at a prescribed hour. He shared with me stories and of course pictures of his "babies" (Phantom and others). I thought it was so very sweet how he kissed the photos of his "baby" before putting it back in his wallet. I left the hospital and went back to show grounds. I was not back at the show grounds long when Trip called and I headed back to the hospital to pick him up. He needed a prescription filled so we dropped it off and than I took him for a little drive to show him parts of Traverse City he may not have seen. During our drive he shared stories of his grandmother with me along with some other favorite horse people. We had a nice drive and conversations and I am just so very happy I was able to get to know him a bit. I took him past the Buffalo farm and old show grounds where the Traverse City show was originally held. We retrieved his pills and I took him back to the hotel. I gave him the keys to my truck and a few ideas of restaurants close by.

The next couple of days I made sure he was comfortable out in the judges booth. I would take my gold cart to the booth and take him either to the office or bathroom during his breaks or lunch or at the end of his day. I had though that if it had been me in a strange town, with people I didn't know and I were ill...... I would hope someone would be kind to me.

Years before, I had ridden a test on my old horse in front of Trip. My horse went lame and was later diagnosed with ring bone and side bone but I remembered how nice Trip was about ringing me out. He was a fine judge....always wishing riders to "I hope you have a nice ride" and than thanking them afterward.

Regardless of the bad choices he may have made in his life (don't we all), the world is a forgiving place. I would think and hope that he will always be thought of as the great professional he was. He was ceratinly well liked and thought of and I am sure it will remain that way. You are very lucky to have worked with him able to help leave his legacy behind. I am proud to have gotten to know him a bit and spend some time with him. When his documentary becomes avalable, I would love to have one. Please let me know when and where I can purchase one.

With the Best of Regards,

Pat Toth

Anonymous said...

Hello Stu,

I saw your new posts on the triptohell site, and I can help out in many ways. IF you have the screening in the Washington DC area, I can potentially help out on transportation for people and depending some lodging (I live alone, but have an extra bedroom that's real basic if needed).

I have also contacted Lois and Lori to be able to help volunteer in the memorial service. In the horse world, sometimes we have "Silent" auctions and I think if we did one of these, it would raise a lot of money for the cause.

So, as things unfold, let me know what I can help with being on the "OTHER" coast.


Stu Maddux (director) said...


I’m working on getting a screening in Missoula,MT at Hellgate High School auditorium. Seats 500. Please tell me the nuts and bolts of arranging this. I’ll know more tomorrow.

Trip was very special to my son Logan, who tried to reach him before he passed. We saw him last in May, when Trip invited Logan to sit with him for two days while he judged in Spokane at Christel Carlson’s Sport Horse farm, and then taught Logan the following day. Since then, regular emails were treasured. Trip also helped my daughter Leah with his “sets” (exercises for horses---could have become a book).

In any case, Missoula is a very liberal university town and Hellgate is one of the best in the nation. We’ll have an audience.

This time must be very rich emotionally for you. Thank you for carrying on, Stu.