Friday, August 15, 2008

Harting discovers he faces terminal illness

Hello everyone:

I'm Stu Maddux the director of Trip to Hell and Back.
You may have noticed that Trip's blog entries stopped abruptly before the premiere. That is because he never made it to the screening. Trip was in a hospital bed in Los Angeles the night of the documentary's premiere was diagnosed with stage four cancer of the liver. It was clear very quickly that his time was very limited. Doctors predicted that he would have three months to live at the most.

In typical Trip fashion, he insisted on keeping the news quiet even to those close friends who had gathered in Providence, RI for the premiere. As these pictures everyone had just learned how serious the situation was. All we could do was call him from the theater with congratulations.

The timing is a confirmation to him of his faith in a higher power.

While the news that he had 3 months left to live came the day he had worked towards for the past two years; it also happened only two days after his probation ended. Two events that have become very important in his life. The coincidences are frustrating to say the least but to him indicate a journey that is beginning.

Unfortunately, his condition has been deteriorating so much more rapidly than anyone expected. And it's not until today that I have been able to write about it here. It is likely that he has weeks left rather than months. Regardless, his faith and acceptance does not seem to waiver.

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