Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Trip to Hell and Back screens to sold out audience in Sedona.

Trip to Hell and Back, the documentary about horse rider Trip Harting who led a secret life as a high-stakes drug dealer, screened to a sold out audience Tuesday at the Sedona International Film Festival but almost with the director and his family waiting in the lobby.

“We just assumed there would be no problem getting tickets at the box office right before our screening”, said the film’s director Stu Maddux. “But the screening was so sold out that it was difficult for them to find seats even for us.”

The film’s producer Joe Applebaum says that the sold out crowds are a sign of a good festival. “It doesn’t matter how good a film is, who would think there would be sold out crowds to anything on a Tuesday afternoon? If it was just the two of us we could have waited outside. But Stu’s parents had driven in from Phoenix to attend the screening and his mom was starting to look so sad.”

Maddux says the credit goes to the festival organizers and volunteers for saving their family event by eventually getting all four of them seated together in the front row.
“I’ve been to events all over the world but this festival is filling those seats so well that we are reserving our own tickets for our Thursday night screening right now.”