Thursday, July 17, 2008

Today, Stu asked me if there were any horse organizations that he (or I) could contact about the upcoming premiere. Truthfully, I'm not comfortable enough with things that I want to do that.

I'm just not sure how forgiving the horse community would be even at this point.
I surrendered that decision a long time ago. I'm just not ready to actively let my peers know of my disease yet, and all that went before. If others want to, I won't and can't stop them.

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Tracy Rowe McEwan said...

Dear Trip (may you rest in peace) I am a professional dressage trainer in Michigan...and I want you to know..that I would have accepted your past, with no problem. I liked you, no matter what your past was. I liked being judged by you and your postive attitude. THANK YOU for being YOU.

Tracy Rowe McEwan