Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The scene Trip found most interesting

Today, someone asked me which of the scenes we did was the most interesting. Without question, it was the scene in the kitchen where I re-created the weighing and bagging of the "drugs".

Earlier, we had discussed what we could use that looked realistic. I'm embarassed to say that my suggestions were terrible. So, when I walked into the kitchen that morning, I was stunned! There, on the table, were the very drugs I used to sell. I was more than stunned. I said, "What is that?" and when they told me, I burst out laughing. It was so real looking that it totally fooled me!! And the more I handled it, the more it behaved like the real thing. I couldn't keep a straight face, and we had to shoot more than several times to get me to be serious. Here I was re-creating the very thing that got me into this mess in the first place, and it was all perfectly harmless. And, on top of it, I couldn't resist taking little tastes of it (like I did with the real thing) only this was soooo much better! It was rock candy!!!

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