Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Countdown to Premiere Begins

What a day today has been! I've officially started the countdown trip for the premiere in Providence. Flew to Lexington, VA via Charlotte today where I'll be here until Sunday evening when I go to Washington, DC to see my friends and family, and celebrate my "freedom" from my Government's "supervision" of my life on the 28th. Appropriately, I will be spending my first day with the woman who saved my life, Elita Amato, my lawyer who was picked for me. Then Tuesday night, I fly back to LA for about 7 hours of sleep before catching a flight to Travers City, MI for a four day show. Then on to Boston where I'll stay with my darling Lois, and start getting super nervous about the screening Thursday evening! Thank goodness I don't have any time between now and then to think much about it...but I suppose that will change once I get to Boston. We're going to drive down to Providence on Thursday.... This is a killer trip physically, but not only do I absolutely LOVE my work, but, more importantly, I'm beyond grateful that I can still do it. For awhile there, I thought I never would.

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