Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Riders debate Harting's morals addiction/drug dealing

A heated debate is underway on one of the leading message boards for horse riding between horse people who forgive Trip and those who condemn his actions. The exchange has grown into a discussion about addiction: More than 4-thousand people have visited so far: Chronicle of the Horse.

"...the man was not just a drug addict, he was a major dealer, a busted felon, and a
mule for the FBI. God knows how many people he personally introduced to a drug infested hell. Or killed. He actually brags about how much drugs he sold. Unbelievable.
So, he was a dressage judge, and that forgives it all?"


"... In the end he did the hard thing, to own up to his mistakes, share his personal struggles and failings with his family, friends, peers, and perfect strangers. I was impressed with his reason in the documentary for sharing all the "dirt" in his earlier be at peace with his higher power.
He could not have known at the time of his documentary that he would pass on at such a young age. That each of us would have such an meet our higher power with a clean conscience ...'If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone...' "


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Anonymous said...

I want to thank you for taking time to address some of the nastiness on the Chronicle Board. Some of the posters on that particular board always seem to "know it all" and can be ruthless at times. It's amazing just how nasty people can be behind anoymonous screen names.

I'm always amazed everytime someone on that board just knows what someone was thinking or their motives.

I posted a couple times on that thread (Dalpal)...and was so appauled by one posters nasty comments about a man who had recently passed away that I just decided not to read anything else on that thread because I knew it would make me angry.

I scribed with Trip one weekend about 10 years ago...he was a funny, enjoyable man.

We all make mistakes and it is not our place to judge others.

I think the documentary looks intriguing and I plan to purchase it.

I'm just sad that Trip left us and only had a couple of weeks to prepare. So sad.