Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My New Family

Yesterday morning was when the much waited day finally arrived. Phantom gave birth to 8 beautiful little babies!!! Four little boys, four little girls. We have 5 white babies, 3 black babies!!! I'm such a happy granddaddy!!!

It just humbles me to the core how utterly miraculous the birth of these babies. Everything was perfect, the way it is meant to be. Phantom and her pups are doing so well. Phantom just dotes on the babies, never leaving the whelping box but for the necessities. Poor Gidget just creeps by as quickly as she can so that she doesn't incur Phantom's protective zealouness. She's quite happy to stay outside.

But a most interesting thing...she had exactly the same litter as last year - 2 little black girls, 2 little white girls, and 3 little white boys...only this year she added a little black boy. I wonder if that's the one she wants me to keep. She also gave birth to last year's litter on a Monday. This year was also on a Monday. Last year from 8-12 PM. This year from 8-12 AM. Pretty interesting, huh?

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